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Building a Manageable, Robust Fiber Transport NetWork (TV Cable, Ecuado)

TvCable is one of the very important telecommunications companies in Ecuador. Founded in 1986, they provide fixed line telephony services, broadband Internet service to meet the constant demands and triple play services such as paid subscription television.

System Requirements and Challenges

TvCable contracts transport capacity through another carrier, Telconet, to reach all Ecuadorian territory. TvCable has aerial fiber optical installation, which is vulnerable to many failures. In addition there was no optical redundancy provided in this last mile.
Need a solution to the continuous transmission loss in optical link between TvCable’s node and Telconet’s node.
Requirements for a Centralized Network Management System.

CTC Union Solutions

In order to solve these problems, TvCable has deployed the FRM220-CH20 multi-service platform with transponder cards (FRM220-4G-3S) to provide the optical 1+1 redundancy path. Main and backup paths take different physical paths. Units of FRM220-CH20 platform are installed in TvCable’s nodes in some Ecuadorian cities and the other FRM220-CH20 platforms are installed in Telconet’s premises. In order to provide local and remote management through CTC Union’s SmartView EMS, TvCable utilizes the FRM220-10/100i fiber converters to reach remote management cards installed in Telconet’s FRM220 chassis. With this solution, TvCable wants to reduce to zero the traffic lost from last mile optical breaks.

  • By leveraging existed Telconet fiber network infrastructure and deploying CTC Union FRM220 series multi-service chassis solution, TVcable has fulfilled its target to create redundant fiber transportation network nodes.
  • By deploying the CTC Union FRM220 series and SmartView EMS, TVcable can completely manage and monitor the deployed FRM220 chassis both at local and Telconet network nodes in real time.

System Infrastructure after Solution Deployment

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Success Story Building a Manageable, Robust Fiber Transport NetWork (TV Cable, Ecuador)
Success Story Building a Manageable, Robust Fiber Transport NetWork (TV Cable, Ecuador)

Building a Manageable, Robust Fiber Transport NetWork (TV Cable, Ecuador)

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Building a Manageable, Robust Fiber Transport NetWork (TV Cable, Ecuado) | Network Solution & Product Manufacturer | CTC Union

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