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Multi-Service Platform | CTC Union's goal is to provide reliable, temperature resistant and rugged designs for harsh environments. We offer a full spectrum of products, including L3/L2 Switch, PoE Products, EN50155 and E-Mark certified switches.

Multi-Service Platform - Multi-Service Platform - FRM220 Chassis.
  • Multi-Service Platform - Multi-Service Platform - FRM220 Chassis.

Multi-Service Platform

FRM220-CH20, CH08 & CH04A

The FRM220 series is a multi-service platform chassis, which provides a reliable solution of high density media converter modules for applications such as telecom operator, enterprise, long haul transmission and factory automation. All of critical components of FRM220-CH20 and FRM220-CH08 chassis such as power modules, fans, management module and interface cards are hot swappable, allowing online field replacement. FRM220 series is offered in three chassis densities, a 2U 20-slot (FRM220-CH20), a 1U 8-slot (FRM220-CH08), and a 1U 4-slot (FRM220-CH04A). FRM220-CH04A utilizes fixed type AC, DC power built-in. The available power options are built-in AC, DC power or built-in AC+DC, AC+AC, DC+DC redundant power.

All FRM220/FRM220A series cards are hot-swappable and can be installed in a 20 slots (2U), or 8 slots (1U) rackmountable chassis with any combination of redundant hot swappable AC, 24VDC or 48VDC power supplies, providing a scalable solution that is space-efficient and cost-effective. The cards can also be mounted in 4 slots, 2 slots, or 1 slot standalone housings with fixed AC/DC powered chassis.

The cards of FRM220/FRM220A series provide telecommunication solutions for most applications. CTC union offers a universal and cost-efficient transmission series for a variety of fiber optic technologies (Multimode, Single mode, WDM, CWDM) starting from converters and switches, to modems and extending to intelligent voice/data multiplexer systems. The products are designed as cards in combination with various chassis types. The concept is to ensure an extremely variable mixture of products at low storage costs for spares.

  • Interface cards are hot swappable
  • Supports AC/DC power modules hot swappable and power redundancy (CH20 & CH08)
  • Supports fixed type AC/DC power built-in and power redundancy (CH04A)
  • Supports DB9 console port for local management (CH02M, CH01M )
  • Telnet, Web, Console, SNMP management via NMC Card (CH20, CH08, CH04A, CH02/SMT, CH02/NMC )
  • Two alarm relay contacts for critical events warnings (CH20/CH08)
  • Chassis backplane consists of passive components (CH20/CH08)
  • Fanless (CH02, CH01, CH01M )
  • Cooling Fan (CH20, CH08, CH04A, CH02M, CH02/SMT, CH02/NMC )
iAccess Platform Solutions

iAccessTM Multi-Service Platform offers a full range of solutions for service providers and enterprises, including Optical Transport Solutions (transponders, muxponders, CWDM, DWDM), TDM/PDH/Voice Solutions (fiber converters and multiplexers), Ethernet Services (switches and converters) and Data Communication Solutions (Sync/Async serial over fiber). The iAccess is a fully modular product series that integrates a wide range of modules for any interface or protocol hosted in a selection of Chassis sizes for simple and flexible operations.

iAccess Platform Solutions

Multi-Service Platform - FRM220
Multi-Service Platform - FRM220

Multi-Service Platform-FRM220


Multi-Service Platform | Network Switch & Media Converter Manufacturer | CTC Union

Based in Taiwan since 1993, CTC Union Technologies Co., Ltd. has been a manufacturer of networking products and a provider of industrial networking solutions. Its main networking products include, Multi-Service Platform, network switches, fiber optic cables, network routers, media converters, bypass switches, fiber optic multiplexers, fiber single mode media converters. Industrial networking solutions for optical transport, factory automation, intersection monitoring, wireless network security, traffic monitoring, tunnel and cell tower safety control, wireless machine networking, data offloading, PoE-powered office automation, campus network access.

CTC Union, founded in 1993, is a Taiwan manufacturer of telecommunication products (ex. L2 Ethernet switch, TDM, Transponder) and industrial Ethernet switch, converter, injector. Strictly control all product design, CTC Union’s products pass strict tests and certifications ex. CE, FCC, UL, IEC 62443-4-1, EN50155, EN45545-2, IEC61850-3 standard etc. CTC Union partners with voice and data carriers, enterprises, and industrial grade Ethernet users covers all continents and areas. This global partnership receives direct engineering and technical support from headquarters, located in Taipei, Taiwan.

CTC Union has been providing customers with high quality networking products and networking solutions since 1993, with both advanced technology and 28 years of experience, CTC Union ensures that each customer's requirements are met.