Industrial Ethernet Networks


The auction of 4G LTE frequency bands was completed in Taiwan several years ago. In addition to the three original incumbent mobile operators, there were three new players which also won licenses. The three new mobile operators had provisioned the commercial mobile service in succession one year later. However, it was not only the construction of mobile service infrastructure in order to achieve the radio signal coverage in acceptable quality, but also the mobile backhaul network transportation was the key point for daily service operation for these 3 new mobile operators.

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U City-Seoul, South korea

To prevent crime, IP surveillance has become one of the future-proof options for safety and surveillance applications. Nowadays, IP surveillance devices are employed in every corner or in places where security personnel are not able to be stationed all day long so as to instantly acquire images of potential crime actions or illegal behaviors such as illegal waste disposal. However, to build up a reliable and highly efficient IP Surveillance system, there are several challenges that may be encountered.

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U ITS Highway Seoul (South Korea)

In the past few years, intelligent transportation facilities have become more and more popular due to many improvements in the automated control of highway transportation devices and connectivity mechanisms. The need to adopt intelligent transportation facilities (such as highway digital display, vehicle flow counting sensor, IP cameras, roadside VoIP phone) are generally intended to provide increased highway driving safety, reduce traffic congestion and increase highway transportation efficiency through more  user and environment-friendly transportation design.

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