4 channel Binary Transducer: IFC-BT40


4 Channel Binary Transducer, 4 binary input ,4 high power MSR Relay output , fiber transmission

IFC-BT40 is a four channel, binary transducer, which registers binary information from contacts via its binary inputs and forwards it, interference-free, to the other side transducer via fiber-optic cable. The remote site transducer will output the indications/signals via its relay contacts and vice versa. The transducer is equipped with four independent and bidirectional binary inputs and four contact outputs. The four contacts can be used as trip contacts. Available in two operating temperature ranges, a standard -10° to 60°C commercial temperature range and an extended -40° to 75°C range, the IFC-BT40 is reliable and an ideal solution for keeping your industrial automation applications running smoothly and continuously even in harsh environments. The IFC-BT40 transducer has been designed for usage in substations, water treatment, metallurgical and material engineering application. It is an ideal solution for use in critical environments.

  • 4 isolated binary input (BI-1, BI-2, BI-3, BI-4)
  • Selectable binary input threshold level by DIP Switch (18V or 70V)
  • Maximum 2.5ma input current for binary input channel
  • 4 MSR contact relay output (K1, K2, K3, K4), maximum breaking capacity 2000VA for AC load , 50~280W for DC resistive load, or 30W for DC inductive load
  • Supports multi mode fiber 2KM or single mode 30KM fiber for transmit distances
  • Supports duplex fiber, or single fiber BiDi to save cabling
  • AC or DC wide range power input (60~300VDC or 60~264VAC )
  • Removable terminal block connector for Power input, Alarm, Binary input and MSR Relay output
  • CE, FCC, heavy industrial grade EMS, EMI, EN61000-6-2, EN61000-6-4 certified
  • Supports relay output for power or failure warning
  • Hardened housing with IP40 protection
  • Fanless and DIN-Rail design for harsh industrial environment

Application connection diagram

Application connection diagram

Application example

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