SmartView™ EMS

Element Management System

CTC Union's SmartView™ Element Management System (EMS) is a comprehensive management solution that monitors device performance, enables remote configuration and provisioning, and provides fault notification status.

  • Main Functions(FCAPS):
    -Fault Management
    -Configuration Management
    -Accounting Management
    -Performance Management
    -Security Management
  • Remote access control for efficient configuration
  • Traffic / Performance monitoring and management
  • Alarm Trap and event log management
  • Auto Discovery and Device Viewer
  • Allow up to 25 administrators to login
  • User- Friendly Operation Interface
  • Robust Client / Server architecture
  • Network Monitoring and Management
  • Database for persistent event storage
  • Security Access Management
Network Scheme Diagram

SmartView™ Server

The server handles connection with the network devices using SNMP protocol, and is responsible for communication of requests from management clients. SmartView™ Server collects the information data from specific SNMP agents, stores the information into a persistent database and updates that information to the management clients. SmartView™ server requires 64bit Microsoft® Windows™ O.S.

Microsoft® MS-SQL Server for Persistent Storage

SQL Server is the place where SmartView™ stores collected data, such as alarms, traps and user actions, for long term retrieval. SmartView™ requires Microsoft® SQL Server and is compatible with SQL 2008 Server, SQL 2008 Express, SQL 2014 Server and SQL 2014 Express. (The EMS installer will install the free version Microsoft® SQL 2008 Express or SQL 2014 Express under Windows 10 by default).


Management clients are provided with the JAVA applet GUI to monitor and control the agents at far end. They also receive the Alarm and Traps from the corresponding SNMP Agents. Multiple workstations are allowed, with a maximum of 25 concurrent logged in users.

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