Cost Effective Solutions for Building High Capacity Network Access (CNT EP, Ecuador)

Cost Effective Solutions for Building High Capacity Network Access

National Telecommunications Corporation (CNT EP) is a leading telecommunications company that offers a wide variety of service to commercial businesses and residential communities throughout Ecuador. The company’s services include internet access services (dial-up, DSL and corporate services). The CNT EP is committed to be the leading telecommunications company in this country for excellence in management, the added value it offers to its customers and service to society that is proud of Ecuadorians.

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The Challenge

  • Centralized Network Management System
  • Budget Limitation
  • The solution must be perfectly fit the CNT network
  • High Capacity Network Access

Equipment Purchase

  • FRM220 Multi-Service Platform
  • FRM220-NMC
  • FRM220-1000EAS
  • FRM220-10/100i
  • FRM220-E1/T1
  • SmartView™ EMS


  • The EMS SmartView software provides CNT to manage all chassis and converters in real time
  • Cost Effective Solution
  • High Reliability and Stability

Due to the customer’s growth demands for greater network expansion, the CNT EP was not only challenged to increase the bandwidth and connect more users to the network, but found that the current manufacturer’s fiber multiplexer products had become obsolete.

  • Centralized electrical to optical conversion, with high capacity to provide E1, FE and Gbe cards.
  • High reliability solution to provide the highest SLA to Telco’s customers.
  • Centralized Network Management System.
  • Cost effective solution to provide fiber access for high capacity internet access and PBX to CO analog voice communications.

In this case, the CNT EP bought 97 units FRM220 multi-service platform with FE, Gbe and E1 cards with their respective remote units. These platforms have been installed in all Ecuadorian territory to provide analog phone communications with PABX and internet access for their silver and gold corporative customers. Also the CNT EP has installed CTC Union’s SmartView software (EMS) to manage in real time all chassis and converters in his network.

Since deployment of FRM220 family, the CNT EP can provide their customers faster and stable network speed. Satisfying access demands for the following CNT’s customers:

  • Gold customers for 1 Gbps Internet Access with optical protection.
  • Sliver customers for 100Mbps Internet Access.
  • Trunk Analog voice for E1 interconnection with PSTN Besides, the CTC Union provides customer high product quality, fast lead time and a wide range of solutions to meet the customer needs.

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