iAccess™ Multi-Service Platform

iAccess™ Multi-Service Platform Rackmount Chassis

Main Features

Module Cards for Deployment Scenarios

The FRM220-CH20, FRM220-CH08 and FRM220-CH04A have been designed as a Multi-service platform. This allows network administrators to deploy the chassis in a wide range of networks. Technologies supported by the chassis include Fast/Gigabit Ethernet, E1/T1, V35/X21/RS-530, Serial RS-485/RS-422, Voice FXO/FXS, Repeater, Fiber Multiplexer, E1 Inverse Multiplexer, CWDM Mux/DeMUX EDFA Booster and 10G/16G/40G 3R Transponder.

Network Management

The FRM220-CH20, FRM220-CH08 and FRM220-CH04A require a NMC card which must be installed into the first slot of chassis. The NMC card allows a network administrator the ability to configure and monitor the status of the blades. Manage ment can be achieved locally over RS232, or over the network by Telnet, Web or SNMP. If the blades support Ethemet in the First Mile (IEEE 802.3ah), then the management module can also be monitored the status of a remote CPE.

iAccess Platform -FRM220 Series

Multi-Service Platform offers a full range of solutions for service providers and enterprises, including Optical Transport Solutions (transponders, muxponders, EDFA, Protection, CWDM, DWDM), TDM/PDH/Voice Solutions (fiber converters and multiplexers), Ethernet Services (switches and converters) and Data Communication Solutions (Sync/Async serial over fiber). The iAccess is a fully modular product series that integrates a wide range of modules for any interface or protocol hosted in a selection of Chassis sizes for simple and flexible operations.

iAccess Platform Solution Category

iAccess Platform Solution Category

Chassis & Slide-in Cards


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