Single Channel EDFA Booster

Single Channel EDFA Booster: FRM220-OAB15

The FRM220-OAB15 is a FRM220 chassis rack managed single channel Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier (EDFA) booster line card for C-band. It has a large dynamic range while providing excellent broadband noise performance. It provides Automatic constant output Power Control (APC) and Automatic Constant Current (ACC) via rack management or RS-232 console interface. Its fast transient suppression feature allowing the output power to be kept at a constant level when there are fast changes in input power.

  • Single channel EDFA with FRM220 chassis rack management
  • Up to 15 dBm output power
  • Output level constant control mode
  • Output current constant control mode
  • Low noise figure
  • Low power dissipation

EDFA booster DWDM P to P application

EDFA booster DWDM P to P application

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