E1 Multiplexer

E1 Access Multiplexer: ETU02-MUX

The ETU02-MUX is a 1U 19(23)" 4 slot rack mountable multiplexing solution for Fractional E1 network services. Up to four DTE devices may be linked to this model at data rates of 64Kbps to 2048Kbps. There is also provision for one optional E1 sub-link which will perform drop & insert with user-defined timeslot connections from a PABX or other E1 equipment to E1 network services. The Fractional E1 2 or 4 port multiplexer supports local control and diagnostics via an LCD display and LED status indicators located on the front panel or via a serial console port. These features enable users to easily configure the unit, execute the in-service diagnostics and monitor the network status. The ETU02-MUX provides for optional SNMP Network Management System, which allow the user to remotely control and manage the system via SNMP protocol. This model fully meets all of the E1 specifications including ITU-T G.703, G.704, G.706, G.732, and G.823.

  • Provides 4 slots, removable interfaces: V35, X21, RS530, RS449, RS232, G.703 Co-directional, NRZ, Ethernet Bridge and Router.
  • Optional drop and insert E1 port (Sub E1)
  • Built-in BERT with V.54 diagnostic capabilities for performing local and remote loopback
  • Setup and Control via front Panel with LCD display or RS-232 terminal
  • Multiple clock source selection (Internal or External: E1 recovery, DTE or DCE)
  • Optional SNMP management

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