1U, E1 Multi–Service Multiplexer

E1 Access Multiplexer - 1U, E1 Multi–Service Multiplexer

The ETU02-MUX/PLUS is a 1U 19(23)" 3 slot rack type E1 Time Division Multiplexer for Fractional E1 network access which provides an economic solution for central site or remote installations. There are 3 slots available for hot-swappable ETU02-MUX/PLUS-I/O cards. One front panel slot is provided for MUX-E1 card, which provides either single E1 main link or main E1 link plus a drop and insert sub-E1 port. The MUX-E1 card may be linked to another ETU02-MUX/PLUS or ERM-MUX/PLUS Rack to provide a point-to-point variety of datacom, Ethernet & voice over E1 network services. The ETU02-MUX/PLUS optionally accommodates one power supplies, which may derive power from AC (110/220) or DC (-48V) power sources. The ETU02-MUX/PLUS provides BNC and RJ-45 for E1 Line interface connections, RJ-45 connections are used for all voice (FXO, FXS, E&M), for 10/100 Ethernet Bridge and G.703/64K Co-directional. Optional cable adapters are used to convert the DB-62F DCE ports of the I/O cards to 4xRS-232 or HP68F DCE ports of I/O card to 2x V.35, RS-530, RS-449, RS-422 and X.21 channels.

  • 1U 19” 3-slot chassis
  • Provides 3 slots, removable interfaces: V35, X21, RS530, RS449, RS232, G.703 Co-directional, Ethernet Bridge, FXO, FXS and E&M, 8-ch E1 DXC
  • Optional drop and insert E1 port (Sub E1)
  • Setup and Control via RS-232 terminal
  • Multiple clock source selection (Internal or External: E1 recovery, DTE or DCE)
  • Optional SNMP management
  • Digital cross connect solution up to 16E1

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