Single V.35 port E1 CSU/DSU

Single V.35 port E1 CSU/DSU Access Unit: ETU01-Plus

The ETU01-Plus stand-alone CSU/DSU is a digital access unit for Unframed E1 or Fractional E1 service. The ETU01-Plus data channel supports user-selectable transmission rates via randomly selected E1 timeslots, which provides integral multiples of 64kbps, up to a maximum 2.048Mbps (unframed), for a line attenuation of up to 43 dB on twisted pair or coax cable. This provides an approximate operating range up to 2km (using 22AWG). The ETU01-Plus packs the data channels into the E1 link in user-selected time slots. The ETU01-Plus front panel sports status LEDs for monitoring the CSU and DSU conditions and pushbutton switches for initiating local and remote loopback with integral BERT. The ETU01-Plus features a fixed on-board V.35 interface.

  • Supports Fractional E1 and Unframed E1 service with EOC control
  • Model with fixed V.35 interface for price critical applications
  • Multiple clock source selection (Internal or External: E1 recovery, DTE or DCE)
  • Built-in BERT with V.54 diagnostic capabilities for performing local and remote loopback
  • Fixed V.35 port with MB34F connector
  • I/O connectors all located on rear panel

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