STM1/E1 Acess Multiplexer

STM1/E1 Acess Multiplexer

iSAP1000 is 1U 19” rack type STM-1/E1 terminal multiplexer which delivers traditional PDH services over SDH networks. iSAP1000 provides connectivity for up to 16E1. The product complies with SDH standards and interfaces with existing SDH backbones through a single or 1+1 protection STM-1 interface. iSAP1000 supports a variety of management access over console, and SNMP. iSAP1000 provides two Gigabit Combo ports (2-port 10/100/1000Base-T and 2-port 1000Base-X SFP slot) with 16x E1 or 2x STM-1 fiber interfaces. The two GE combo ports support Link aggregation, port based VLAN and 802.1Q VLAN function.

  • Provides 2-port STM-1 fiber with 1+1 protection.
  • Supports Internal clock and recovery clock modes
  • Supports Single E1 fractional and unframed E1 service; Multiple E1, fractional E1
  • Supports PCM31, FAS+CRC4, CRC self-test
  • Supports HDLC/GFP bridge operation, 16x VCG with total 16 remote device, 16E1 Per VCG, MAX 63E1 non-blocking matrix
  • Supports 16E1 balanced RJ45 or unbalanced BNC connectors
  • Maximum 220ms delay variance between E1 links
  • Supports 2x GbE Combo ports
  • Supports IEEE 802.1Q VLAN and QinQ, Link aggregation
  • Fiber port support ALS(Auto Laser Shutdown) function
  • Built-in BERT for performing local and remote loopback
  • Supports Console, GUI and SNMP management
  • Supports local and remote FTP/TFTP f/w upgrade
  • Support for LCAS according G.7042
  • Support according to G.7043 VCAT
  • Hot Standby mode for power supply
  • E1 ports faults statistics monitoring
  • Complies with ITU-T G.8040 standard
  • Supports MTU 1522 bytes

P to P, GE over 16E1 application

Point to Multi-points 16E1 aggregation

Point to Multi-points 63E1 aggregation over STM-1

GE + 16E1 over STM-1 Application

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