Wireless Access & Data Offloading

Wireless Access & Data Offloading

With the Smartphone and tablet as the popular device of everyone to access the internet information such as streaming video & audio, community APP…etc on the go, the bandwidth of wireless access is demanding by each mobile subscriber. Even most of mobile network operators had expedited to migrate their network from 3G/3.5G to 4G LTE, the WiFi hotspot is still the most cost effective solution to make the mobile operators keep the service quality for subscriber’s loyalty in many congested 3G/3.5G or even 4G cellular network regions such as shopping mall, stadium, restaurant, crowded downtown area, airport and so on.

The major challenge of WiFi access point deployment is the UTP cabling limitation of 100 meters distance due to the physical characteristics of Ethernet copper port. However, the fiber transmission technology can completely overcome the distance concern even the WiFi access point does not have fiber port. On the other hand, to deploy the WiFi access points at these hot zones, sometimes the power socket is not available at the desired locations or outdoor environment. Also, the WiFi access points will be often deployed in the enclosure for waterproof or dustproof purpose. Therefore, to meet such deployment scenario, the copper to fiber Ethernet media converter with PoE/PSE feature will be the best fit for the application of wireless access and data offloading.

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