Serial Device Server: STE800A-232

STE400A-232, STE800A-232

4/8× RS232 to IP Device Server

Serial Device Server: STE800A-232

The STE400A-232 / STE800A-232 are 4 or 8-port RS232 to IP Device Servers that enable the ability to control asynchronous RS-232 (3 or 5 wire) devices located virtually anywhere over a TCP/IP connection. The STE400A-232 / STE800A-232 have 4 or 8 DB9 serial ports and a 10/100 Mbps Ethernet connection on the same side. It connects serial devices such as PLC, alarm sensors and PTZ camera control to IP networks. Applications include industrial/factory automation, public safety and surveillance systems. The STE400A-232 / STE800A-232 Windows® driver is designed to control the IP Serial Server. The driver installs a virtual COM on Windows® which maps a COM port to the IP address of the IP Serial Server across the network, enabling the Windows® applications to access remote serial devices over Ethernet. IP Device Server can function as a server or client for TCP connection that provides a Serial over Ethernet solution. The application scenarios for the STE400A-232 / STE800A-232 are direct IP mode, virtual COM mode, or paired mode.

  • 10/100Mbps Ethernet port
  • 921.6kbps serial interface (software programmable)
  • TCP Server, TCP client, Paired or Virtual com modes
  • Supports Virtual COM application software
  • Easy to use with Windows® utility
  • Supports RS232 Interface with physical DB9M port
  • Configuration by web browser, Telnet
  • Low power consumption with 12VDC input
  • Wall mount or Din Rail option

Multi-Port Device Server

Multi-Port Device Server

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