CWDM Mux/DeMux Card: FRM220-CWMD


CWDM Mux/DeMux

CWDM Mux/DeMux Card: FRM220-CWMD

The FRM220-CWMD Mux/DeMux are modular design cards that support ITU-T G.694.2 wavelengths between 1271nm to 1611nm in 20nm increments. The FRM220-CWMD modules are protocol and rate transparent allowing different services such as 10G Ethernet, 10GFC, STM-64, OC-192 to be transported across the same fiber link. The passive FRM220-CWMD Mux/DeMux modules are available in 4 and 8-Channel (wavelength) models, supporting a variety of wavelength combinations and port configurations. The small and compact size of the CWDM modules yields one of the highest port densities in the industry. A 2U high 19-module FRM220 chassis populated with modules can yield up to 120 channels of capacity. FRM220-CWMD modules are passive deviceas that require no external power. They can also be installed in an FRM220 powered chassis with a NMC management module¹ and can be managed using SmartView EMS device management software, third-party SNMP software, Telnet or a serial console port. The modules can be installed in any FRM220 chassis equipped with other FRM220 media converters and transponders to provide a multi-service platform capable of delivering Ethernet, TDM, Voice and other services across a CWDM fiber common link.

  • Full native mode performance
  • Passive model requires no power
  • Protocol transparent, no limitation
  • Utilizes industry standard ITU CWDM wavelength
  • Standard LC connectors
  • Passive device that can be installed in a powered chassis for managed applications
  • Integration with Transponder in FRM220 chassis for CWDM application

Figure 1 : 4 channels Duplex Transmission CWDM Mux & Demux

4 channels Duplex Transmission CWDM Mux & Demux

Figure 2 : 4 channels Bi-Directional Transmission CWDM Mux & Demux

4 channels Bi-Directional Transmission CWDM Mux & Demux

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