17 or 8 slots Compact Media Converter Chassis

Compact Media Converter Chassis:FMC-CH17 & FMC-CH08

The FMC-CH17 is a 2U high 19” 17 slots chassis and the FMC-CH08 is a 2U high 10” 8 slots cassis. The FMC chassis provides an economic solution in low density fiber converter installations where no management features are required. Each FMC or VDTU2-B110 converter is an independent Ethernet to fiber or Ethernet to copper media converter that may be used as a standalone converter or placed in the FMC-CH17 or FMC-CH08 chassis. With two power supplies, the FMC-CH17 chassis supports redundant power from any of two power options while FMC-CH08 supports single power options. The AC supplies operate from (100-240VAC) and DC supplies operate from 18-60VDC. The built in cooling fan ensures that the temperatures in the rack remain within the tolerated working range.

  • 2U, 19”, 17-Slot chassis with single or dual built-in power for AC or DC (FMC-CH17)
  • 2U 10”, 8-slot chassis with single built-in power for AC or DC (FMC-CH08)
  • Cross flow cooling fan built-in. (FMC-CH17)
  • Designed for 19" Rack mounting
  • FMC units are hot swappable

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