Business Connection Service Based on EDD/NID equipment (Philippines Telecom Operator)

Business Connection Service Based on EDD/NID equipment (Philippines Telecom Operator)

The high economical growth rate had driven Philippines becoming one of the shiny nations among the emerging South-East Asia regional market in the past several years. In order to fulfill the rapidly business expansion of enterprises themselves, the reliable and high speed communication with branch offices or external supplier has become the basic but mandatory demand for daily business operation.

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The telecom operators in Philippines had been driven by such great market potential of domestic or even international enterprise customers besides the residential subscribers.

The legacy TDM based leased line or even xDSL based service had been far away from the demanding network service requirements of enterprise’s expectation. All of the telecom operators in Philippines had migrated their fiber network infrastructure successively. Besides, the Carrier Ethernet standard defined by MEF (Metro Ethernet Forum) has been the leading technology to provision the business connection service application. The CE 2.0 contains the four types of service, which are E-Line/E-LAN/E-tree/E-Access, to cover all of desired scenarios from different categories of enterprise.

Customer Demands

  • Full network compatibility between CTC Union MSW-202/MSW-404 and Cisco ME3400/3600 equipment series in L2 network transmission.
  • CTC Union MSW-202/MSW-404, managed CE 1.0/2.0 certified/compliant CPE in delivering Direct Internet and Leased Line type of service application.
  • The CTC Union MSW-202/MSW-404 requires to be interoperable by third-party NMS for MRTG performance monitoring and management
  • The EDD equipment has to support Ethernet OAM IEEE 802.3ah, IEEE 802.1ag, ITU-T Y.1731 with built-in RFC2544 functionality and MAC swappable loopback feature for throughput performance monitoring.

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Application-Business Connection Service Based on EDD/NID equipment

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