PoE Powered Office Automation

PoE Powered Office Automation

The concept of modernized enterprise office is heavily leveraged high speed network environment more and more. It becomes the challenge of the IT department of enterprise for the office layout. It’s not only for artistic and orderly purpose but also the centralized management and IP based structured cabling to be considered. There are more factors to be concerned for the office layout such as security, mobility, simplified asset management and energy saving. In some large building, the traditionally UTP cooper cabling have been not able to fulfill the requirements for the IT administrators to well organize the overall office layout.

In the following application diagram, the CTC Union’s PoE switch family is extended the distance to connect with the major fiber switch without the 100m distance limitation of UTP copper cabling as well as powering the nearby devices such as PoE IP CAM or PoE WiFi AP. Even the legacy cooper based Ethernet switch had been deployed, CTC also has the relatively PoE/PSE based media converter and PoE injector solution to help the IT employees of enterprise achieve the office automation mission by minimizing the expenditure.

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