IP Backbone Transportation for Broadband Access Network

IP Backbone Transportation for Broadband Access Network

In this application example, the PON technology remains one of the most popular deployment scenarios for FTTX in the world today. To meet network and subscriber management requirements, the OLT equipment at the central site will always require communication with subscriber management equipment such as DHCP server, provisioning server or NMS based over IP. Connecting the OLT equipment to the Ethernet demarcation device simplifies the deployment to transport the traffic over the Metro Ethernet network.

The FRM220-MSW202 is the Ethernet Demarcation Device (EDD) which enables the major L2 switch features and Ethernet OAM for network performance monitoring and fault management. It complies with CE 2.0 standards to guarantee the complete interoperability with other CE 2.0 certified devices when Ethernet Virtual Connections (EVCs) are applied in the network.

To offer the most reliable traffic transportation, the FRM220-MSW202 also supports popular ring topologies by enabling STP/RSTP/MSTP or ITU-T G.8032 which offer redundant path mechanisms. The FRM220-MSW202 can be flexibly selected with AC or DC power modules, or even dual power options for redundancy. Designed for high availability, and combined with xWDM technology, CTC Union will bring an optimal fiber backbone transportation solution for currently popular broadband access networks.

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