Business Connection Service

Business Connection Service

The network interface device (NID) is a kind of equipment which works as the concept of Ethernet service demarcation defined by MEF (Metro Ethernet Forum). The carrier operators or service providers can deploy NID to enterprise subscribers then provide the point-to-point E-Line or multipoint-to-multipoint E-LAN service which is logically Ethernet virtual connection to replace the legacy TDM based lease line service.

The CTC NID series solution such as FRM220-MSW404 or MSW-404S conforms to the CE2.0 standards to enable the rapid business service activation with IEEE 802.1ad QinQ VLAN stacking, multiple CoS as well as granular rate limiting and reduce the operation cost by leveraging advanced fault management features as IEEE 802.1ag OAM standard for proactive network fault monitoring and rapidly isolation.

Supporting ITU-T Y.1731 to perform the SLA monitoring and on-demand measure the packet loss, delay, latency and availability of service. Built-in RFC2544 features allow the device to measure the network throughput performance without the need of service personnel on site.

Business Connection Service

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