40G 3R Transponder

40G Transponder Card: FRM220-40G-2Q

The FRM220-40G-2Q is a 40G QSFP+ to 40G QSFP+ 3R transponder that provides media conversion and distance extension for 40G Ethernet links. The FRM220-40G-2Q meets the growing need for more bandwidth for data centers and enterprises. The emergence of high-end servers and Ethernet switches with 40G Ethernet interfaces increases the need for media conversion (multi-mode to singlemode) and link range (single-mode to single mode) extension. The FRM220-40G-2Q is hot-swappable with two QSFP+ sockets for 40G QSFP+ transceivers. The installation and setup is simple plug and play. The FRM220-40G-2QP can be inserted into any powered FRM220- CH20,CH08, CH04 chassis or CH02M, CH02/SMT standalone chassis with QSFP+ transceivers required for the application.

  • Device management via FRM220 chassis with NMC
  • Supports 40G repeater mode or Quad 10G optical multiplexer mode
  • 40G link interface --Ethernet/IEEE: 802.3ba 40GE-SR4/LR4/ER4
  • 40G multi-link (fiber) interfaces --Ethernet/IEEE: 802.3ba XLAUI and OIF: CEI-11G
  • QSFP+ ports for flexibility and scalability
  • Supports hot-swapping (module and interfaces)
  • Supports jumbo frame
  • Supports DMI function for QSFP+ fiber module
  • RoHS compliant and Lead-Free
  • Supports loopback test function
  • 3R function (Regenerator, Reshaper, Retimer)

40G SR4/LR4/ER4 P to P application

40G SR4/LR4/ER4 P to P application

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