4-port 100/1000Base-X SFP OAM/IP GbE Managed Switch

In-Band OAM/IP GbE Managed Switch: FRM220A-2000EAS/4F

The FRM220A-2000EAS/4F is a managed Gigabit Ethernet slide-in switch card designed with 4-port 100/1000Base-X SFP. With embedded SNMP and Web-based management, the administrator can monitor, configure and control the activity of each switch card both locally and remotely. Based on a powerful L2+ switch architecture, this switch supports bandwidth control, speed configuration, VLAN tagging, Q-in-Q, QoS, Spanning tree, jumbo frames as well as auto laser shutdown, link fault pass through, OAM loop back and dying gasp. This card may also be controlled and monitored via an GSW/SNMP in a managed FRM220A chassis.

  • 4-port 100/1000Base-X SFP
  • Standalone IP Based, Web GUI, Telnet, SNMP management
  • Supports RMON counter
  • Supports dying gasp
  • D/D function for supported SFP fiber transceiver
  • Supports Cisco® like CLI
  • Online local / remote f/w upgrade
  • Supports local / remote IEEE 802.3ah OAM / IP management
  • Auto Laser Shutdown (ALS)

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