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October 2016
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Industrial Managed GbE PoE Switch


IGS-1608SM-8PH is a managed industrial grade Gigabit PoE (Power over Ethernet) switches with 16x 10/100/1000Base-T UTP ports and 8x 100/1000Base-X SFP with 8x PoE+ that provide stable and reliable Ethernet transmission. With dual power input design, the series models can provide redundant mechanisms for critical applications that need always-on connections. These switches can also operate either at standard operating temperature range (-10 to 60°C) or at wide operating temperature range (-40 to 75°C) so as to fulfill the special needs of industrial automation applications......more


EN50155 PoE Switch


The ITP-800-8PH24 is a non-managed Fast Ethernet PoE switch that provides 8 10/100Base-TX PoE+ Fast Ethernet ports. The Ethernet switch is designed for industrial applications in harsh environments. The switch's Ethernet ports utilize M12 connectors to ensure tight, robust connections and guarantee reliable operation against environmental disturbances such as vibration and shock......more

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In the past few years, intelligent transportation facilities have become more and more popular due to many improvements in the automated control of highway transportation devices and connectivity mechanisms.
The need to adopt intelligent transportation facilities (such as highway digital display, vehicle flow counting sensor, IP cameras, roadside VoIP phone) are generally intended to provide increased highway driving safety, reduce traffic congestion and increase highway transportation efficiency through more user and environment-friendly transportation design......more

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20 October, 2016
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