TimeCatcher 1588

Time Synchronization Tester/Analyzer

Time Synchronization Tester / Analyzer

The TimeCatcher 1588 is a Sync Tester / Analyzer that allow the user to test and analyze synchronization quality and compliance in various types of networks. The TimeCatcher 1588 is developed for both traditional SDH/SONET core networks and IP-based backhaul networks, that can measure synchronization conformance simultaneously at a packet sync level (based on SyncE and IEEE 1588v2 technologies) and at a traditional physical sync level (1PPS, E1 interface) behind a packet synchronized devices. Multiple packet sync measurements can be performed, whether it’s related to IEEE 1588v2 slave / boundary clock performance qualification or SyncE wander can be also measured at any node in the network.

  • Embedded time and frequency GPS / Rubidium reference Visible Fault Locator fast locates defective connectors, faults in macrobends, patch cords and patch cord panels
  • Built-in Rubidium oscillator, High sensitivity GPS receiver,BD receiver for timing measurement vs UTC
  • High sensitivity measurement 1588v2 time server, PTN/ OTN Data transmission devices and traditional physical sync level (PTP,1PPS, 1PPS+TOD)
  • Precision measurement IEEE1588v2 clock synchronization or SyncE clock synchronization accuracy performance including 2.048MHz, 2.048Mb/s, Ethernet
  • TOD instant message display, TOD deviation real-time display
  • PTPmessage sinstantly capture, analysis, storage, PTP synchronization processinstantly displays
  • use as auxiliary timeserver to provide 1PPS+TOD or PTP signal for system time
  • Select GPS Rubidium atomic clock for at least 3 hour continue test, suitable for indoor or the place where user do not have GPS antenna environment
  • Provide G.703 2.048MHz, 2.048Mb/s accuracy external clock input interface
  • Supports long period continue test,Statistic analysis time synchronization and clock synchronization long-term drift,calculateMTIE, TDEV
  • Instantscreen capturefunction, you can savetest result via graph modeinstant
  • Supports testresult storedand datareplayfunction
  • Built-in Li-Ion rechargeable battery, supports 8 hours continuous operation
  • USB data upload/download ports, Results of measurements on a PCsorting, archiving, analysis
  • Extensive systeminformation query functions, such as satellitestate, Rubidiumstate, storage space, temperature, and otherinformation
  • Supports tassociationtest function, PTP + TOD simultaneously test
  • Supports multi-input physical sync measurements

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