Central EMS

Element Management System

CTC Union’s Management System is a comprehensive management solution that monitors device performance, enables remote configuration and provisioning, and provides fault notification status. The tool includes SmartView™ Element Management System (EMS), and Central EMS Management.

Main Features

  • Allow central management of up to 50 SmartView™ servers
  • Allow up to 25,000 devices management

Main Function

  • Centralized & Large Scale Network Management Platform
    Central EMS provides centralized device management for large scale networks by supporting up to 50 SmartVIew EMS Servers and tens of thousands of network devices.
  • Hierarchical Network Management Architecture
    Each area can deploy a proprietary SmartView EMS Server, responsible for collecting local information for up to 500 network devices, and relay to Central EMS management platform. Central EMS management platform can aggregate and manage SmartView EMS Server SNMP trap information for all regions and provide real time information and status of local and remote network devices.
  • Easy & rapid expansion of network management scale
    When the number of device elements is continuously expanding, operators can deploy one or more SmartView EMS Servers to cover new areas. Using Central EMS device management platform, new SmartView servers can be quickly and easily added to the expanding network.
  • Provides OSS (Operations Support System) Level Management Function
    Central EMS Management Platform provides Fault management, Configuration management, Accounting management, Performance management and Security management (FCAPS).
  • Server / Client Remote Management Architecture
    Central EMS management platform can support 25 connections for remote operations managers at the same time.
  • Simple and Convenient Interface
    Using a user friendly GUI (Graphical User Interface), Central EMS provides a familiar point and click interface.


  • Allow central management of up to 50 SmartView™ servers
  • Allow up to 25,000 device management
  • Hierarchical Network Management Architecture
  • Easy and rapid expansion of SmartView™ EMS
Central EMS allows central management of up to 50 SmartViewTM servers

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