RS-232 Interface Powered Family (Converter)

RS-232 Interface Powered Family (Converter)

The RS232IP family of interface converters allows full bi-directional synchronous conversion between RS-232C (V.24) and V.35 or RS-449/530 hardware. These converters all work WITHOUT an EXTERNAL POWER SUPPLY. The RS232IP interface converters are designed for synchronous RS-232 operation at data rates up to and including 128kbps. They may also be applied to asynchronous RS-232 using only TD & RD signals, while ignoring TC, RC, and XTC timing signals. Asynchronous RS-232 requires three times greater data throughput on the synchronous side's V.35 or RS-449/530 interface. The physical connections for all RS232IP family conver ters are DB25 female with standard pin out, while a cable adapter is required for V.35 or RS-449/530 side. All three models may be interchanged as long as the correct V.35 or RS-449/530 cable is applied.

  • Electrical SYNC RS-232 interface converter to V.35 / RS-449
  • Interface powered, no external DC power required for the "IP"converter family
  • DCE/DTE switch selectable
  • Data rate up to 128Kbps
  • Complies with EIA RS-232, RS-449, RS-530 and ITU-T V.35
  • An external power adapter (9VDC@600mA) may be used if the application of the unit is in a poor communication environment

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