PROFIBUS to Fiber Converter

PROFIBUS to Fiber Converter

These products are PROFIBUS to fiber optic converters which secure PROFIBUS data transmission via fiber optical cabling for extending distance and isolating EMC/noise to reduce mutual interference between PROFIBUS devices. These products are protocol transparent, can be applied to the PROFIBUS, and also can be applied to other networks using RS485 interfaces (See Figure 1).

These converters are capable of selecting interface modes for connection to RS-485 2-wire half duplex. Additionally, the terminal block offers an alarm relay contact and two redundant DC power inputs. IFC Series converters are also available in two operating temperature ranges, a standard -10° to 60°C commercial temperature range and an extended -40° to 75°C range. With all these specifically designed features, the series is reliable and an ideal solution for keeping your industrial automation applications running smoothly and continuously even in harsh environments.

  • Supports 1x Fiber and 1x RS485
  • Extend serial transmission distance up to 500m, 2km, 20km
  • Supports fiber port point to point (Figure 3)
  • Redundant dual power inputs (12/24/48VDC)
  • Protocol transparent. These products can be applied to the PROFIBUS, but also can be applied to other network using RS485 interface
  • Baudrate 9.6K up to 12Mbps
  • Provides 2 Baudrate mode: Manual mode, or Auto mode (Baudrate autosense)
  • 2.5KVrms isolation for serial port
  • CE, FCC, heavy industrial grade EMS, EMI, EN61000-6-2, EN61000-6-4 certified
  • Supports relay output for power or link failure warning
  • Hardened housing with IP30 protection
  • Fanless and DIN-Rail design for harsh industrial environment

Figure 1 : IFC-Serial-PRO Application for PROFIBUS

  • EMC/noise isolation, to reduce mutual interference between serial port device
  • Extend distance by fiber
  • Isolate PROFIBUS failure
  • Achieve a reliable network environment

Figure 2 : Isolate PROFIBUS Failure

Figure 3 : Fiber Point to Point topology & application

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