E1 to Data Converter with In-Band Management: FRM220-E1/DATA


E1 to Data

E1 to Data Card: FRM220-E1/DATA

The FRM220-E1/Data is a single port G.703/704 Fractional E1 DSU/CSU card for the FRM220 Series Platform Media Converter Rack. The converter supports Unframed, PCM31, PCM31+CRC4, PCM30, and PCM30+CRC4 framing modes. The clock source may be selected internally, recovered from received E1 signal, externally from the Data port or transparent. The data port interface utilizes a single hi-density 26pin connector. Cable solutions are provided for RS-530/449, X.21, V.35 and RS-232. The unit can recognize the cable type attached and automatically self-configure the interface circuits. Choosing from one of two model types, the E1 connection is either unbalanced 75 ohm with two BNC connectors or balanced 120 ohm with one RJ-45 connector. When the FRM220-E1/Data card is placed in the FRM220 rack with NMC management, the administrator can view the converter card's status, type, version, E1 link status and alarms. The card can be configured to enable or disable the port, reset the card, set clocking, frame mode, interface type and provide analog or digital diagnostic loopbacks. A unique feature of the FRM220-E1/Data is the use of a common card design which may either be inserted in the FRM220-CH01 single slot chassis as a stand-alone modem or as a card when placed in the FRM220-CH20 managed rack.

  • Supports Fractional E1 and Unframed E1 services with V.35/X21/RS530 adapter cable
  • I/O connectors all located on front panel
  • Multiple clock source selection and remote loopback (Internal or External: E1 recovery, DTE or DCE)
  • Unbalanced E1/BNC or balanced E1/RJ45
  • Fully compatible with FRM220-CH20 and FRM220A chassis
  • SNMP management with FRM220-CH20 (NMC)
  • LED Alarm indication
  • Standalone RS232 console management via CH01M

Managed E1 Access Unit

Managed E1 Access Unit

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