10/100Base-TX LAN Extender

10/100Base-TX LAN Extender: VDTU2A-301

The VDTU2A-301 is our lowest cost LAN extension solution using the G993.1/993.2 VDSL2 technology and providing up to 100Mbps throughput with only a single copper wire pair. A LAN extender is a device that forwards traffic between LANs transparently to higher network-layer protocols over distances that far exceed the distance limitations of standard Ethernet. A LAN is a high-speed data network (usually employing Ethernet technology) that connects computer workstations, printers, servers, and other devices. Designed specifically for LAN to LAN extension and supporting both symmetrical and asymmetrical transmission at up to 100/75Mbps within 300 meters or 10/10Mbps rate at 1000 meters, this is a perfect solution to extend a LAN to an adjacent building, garage or any location outside of the 100 meter reach of Ethernet UTP.

  • Cost effective bridge function to connect two Ethernet LANs
  • 100/75Mbps @ 300m (980 Ft)
  • 10/10Mbps @ 1km (3300 Ft)
  • Supports flow control via Pause frame or back pressure
  • 802.1Q VLAN tag transparent
  • Selectable CPE and CO mode via DIP switch
  • Selectable fast and interleaved mode
  • Selectable target band plan
  • Selectable target SNR margin 9dB or 6dB
Rack to Standalone Solution

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