10G 3R Multi-rate Transponder

10G 3R Multi-rate Transponder

The FRM220-10G-SS is a 10G fiber to fiber 3R repeater and transponder. Based on a number of 10 Gigabit Fiber standards, these transponders support SFP⁺ to SFP⁺ (SS) fiber connections. The transponders are protocol transparent, providing 3R (Re-amplification, Re-shaping and Re-clocking) regeneration between these different optical module types. One of the major applications for this converter is in connecting proprietary transceiver equipment to CWDM or DWDM when these 'colored' optical modules are not available for the proprietary equipment. With transparent bi-directional forwarding capability between the 2 fiber media, the FRM220-10G-SS brings you the best and simplest solution for your 10G conversion between fiber and fiber.

  • Protocols Transparent at discrete bit rates of 1Gbps to 10Gbps
  • Network management via Web, Telnet, SNMP in central FRM220 chassis(10 cards in chassis max.)
  • Protocol transparent 3R fiber media transponder / repeater (Re-amplification, Re-shaping and Re-clocking)
  • Promotes flexibility and eases management with pluggable SFP⁺ transceiver
  • Features two 10G ports offering multiservice 10G transponder and regenerator function
  • Provides superior optics capabilities resulting in extended transport distances for regional application.
  • Extend 10G Ethernet transmission over fiber
  • Useful as a 'Transponder' in CWDM or DWDM systems for 10G Ethernet/Fiber Channel/STM-64
  • Supports Client / Line loop back tests
  • Serial console for stand-alone management when inserted in CH02M Single Slot Chassis
  • SFP⁺ power supplies: +3.3V

10G-SS CWDM P to P application

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