Gigabit Ethernet / CATV over Coax Modem

Gigabit Ethernet / CATV over Coax Modem


The EOC-10A is point-to-point EoCNA (Ethernet over Coax Network Alliance) solution that efficiently extends 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet circuits up to 700 meters (2,296feet) at full Fast Ethernet speed using existing coaxial cable. The EOC-10A will allow Ethernet connectivity in existing facilities or homes without pulling extra cable. This is perfect solution for Ethernet on the factory floor where systems have been upgraded from slower serial communication to Ethernet networking. Installation is easy with absolutely no settings required. The EOC-10A is used in Coaxial cable systems to extend Ethernet connectivity over existing CCD/CATV grade Coaxial cable. The EOC-10A works by sharing the same cable with CATV signals, without interference to the existing CATV signals.


  • Extends LAN connectivity using existing coaxial cable
  • Transmits CATV and Ethernet over the same coaxial cable
  • 192Mbps @ up to 700 meters (2,296feet)
  • 64Mbps @ 1.2Km (4,000feet)
  • Supports point to point
  • Supports point to multi-point up to 8 nodes over tap/splitter
  • Asymmetrical using EoCNA standard
  • Operates transparently to high layer protocols such as TCP/IP
  • Auto MDI / MDIX
  • Auto negotiation
  • Plug and Play, no configuration required
  • Status LEDs for simple monitoring

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