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FRM220-NMC R1, R2, R3

The FRM220 NMC card is now in its 3rd release version. The actual card PCB is the same between all three versions.
The only difference is in the size of Flash or SDRAM.

FRM220 vs FRM220A
FRM220 and FRM220A are sometimes confused, thinking that FRM220A is a replacement for the mature FRM220. This is not the case, and this FAQ was created to answer the most frequently asked questions on 220 vs 200A.
FRM220 and FRM220A Online Demo

The FRM220 Platform Media Chassis features non-intrusive in-band management for all protocols. Currently supported NIDs (Network Interface Devices) are:

The FRM220 is a 20 slot 2RU tall 19" rack mountable platform media converter chassis with redundant power and all hot swappable design. Logon to our support web for more details on how you can demo the web management online.
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