CTC Union launches a managed industrial grade Gigabit PoE switch- FRM220-40G-1Q4S

40G QSFP⁺ to 4x 10G SFP⁺ Transponder

Taipei, Taiwan – CTC Union Technologies, a leading designer and manufacturer of telecommunications, data communications and industrial grade networking products, today announced a new 40G transponder.

The FRM220-40G-1Q4S is a 40G QSFP+ to 4x 10G SFP+ transponder that provides media conversion and distance extension for 40G over 10G links. The FRM220-40G-1Q4S meets the growing need for more bandwidth for data centers and enterprises. The emergence of high-end servers and Ethernet switches with 40G Ethernet interfaces increases the need for media conversion (multi-mode to single-mode) and link range extension. The FRM220-40G-1Q4S is a two slot wide hot-swappable card with one QSFP+ slot for QSFP+ 40G transceiver and four SFP+ slots for SFP+ 10G transceivers.

The installation and setup is simple plug and play. The FRM220- 40G-1Q4S can be inserted into any powered FRM220-CH20 chassis with QSFP+ and SFP+ transceivers required for the application.

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