E1, Data, Ethernet, Voice Managed Multiplexer (2U)

E1, Data, Ethernet, Voice Managed Multiplexer (2U)
The iSAP2000 is a 2U 19” 6 slots rack type E1 Time Division Multiplexer for fractional E1 network across, which is designed for non-stop operation. There are 6 slots available for hot-swappable I/O cards and two slots are provided for power supplies. Uplink supports E1 copper connection, maximum up to 96x E1 cross connect for Voice and Data. The iSAP2000 optionally accommodates up to two separate power supplies, which may derive power from AC (110/220) or DC (-36~72V) power sources. When two power supplies are installed, the modules provide complete power redundancy and are hot swappable even during the E1 cards' transmission. The iSAP2000 provides E1 copper uplink, the maximum E1 supports up to 96 E1 channels with cross connection for Voice and Data, the interface included RS232, RS485, G64K, V35, FXS, FXO, ET100 & E&M.

Interface Cards
‧E1 card: 5100-8E1, 5100-16E1
‧Power modules: 2000-AC240, 2000-DC48
‧I/O cards: 5100-RS232, 5100-RS232/C, 5100-N*64K/V35, 5100-G64K , 5100-ET100, 5100-E&M , 5100-FXS , 5100-FXO , 5100-RS485

  • Supports MAX. 96xE1 with full cross-connect, Supports DS0 cross-connect
  • Supports 16 channel Main E1 LTU card
  • Supports E1 time slot broadcast function
  • Modular design for Voice IO card, the voice IO card has two submodule, each sub-module supports 4-port FXO/FXS
  • All modules and cards support hot-swapping
  • DCE card types included N*64K, RS232(Sync/Async), G703-64K, ET100, E&M, FXO, FXS...etc.
  • Supports Console, Telnet, SNMP and GUI management
  • Available types of power built-in : AC+AC, AC+DC, DC+DC
  • Modular design, 2U 19”, 6-slot for I/O cards
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