V.35 Surge Protector

E1/V35 Surge Protector - V.35 Surge Protector
The SP-V35-01, V.35 Data Line Surge protector, prevents damage to V.35 data ports and data errors due to electrical surges. These surges originate from a wide variety of sources, including lightning strikes, static charge buildup, electric motors, fluorescent lights or the normal AC power protection equipment. Data line transients can be damaging to V.35 hardware. The surge protector intercepts harmful data line transients and diverts them safely to chassis ground through a grounding wire. The SP-V35-S01 plugs directly into an M/34 data port. All standard data, clocking and control signals on the ITU-T V.35 interface are protected. The SP-V35-S01 uses sophisticated circuits, which allow the unit to operate at the data rates up to 10 Mbps. The SP-V35-S01 can take repeated surge "hits" without degrading in performance or letting harmful energy through to the data port.
  • Standard V.35 data Lines on the M/34 cable adapter
  • Data Rates up to 10 Mbps
  • Plugs Directly into V.35 Port (One Male, One Female M/34 cable adapter)
  • Diverts Harmful Transients to Chassis Ground through Braided Metal Strap
  • Able to take Repeated Surges without Degrading in Performance
  • Prevents equipment in case of a Severe Surge
  • Surge Handling Capacity of 1,500 Watts
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