V.35 Interface Powered Converter

Interface Converter - V.35 Interface Powered Converter
The V35/485-1 Interface Converter provides conversion between V.35 and RS-485 standard interfaces. The V.35 interface connection is via a supplied adapter cable and the unit's DB-25 female connector, while the RS-485 side's connection is via a five screw terminal block. The V35/485-1 converter's circuitry provides a high degree of electrical isolation between the V.35 and RS-485 sides. The V.35 side may operate as DTE or DCE, switch selectable, has provisions for establishing hardware flow control, and has LEDs to indicate data transmission and reception. The RS-485 side may operate in either two wire half duplex or four wire half full duplex.
  • Electrically converts SYNC V.35 to RS-485
  • RS-485; 2 or 4 wire, Half or Full Duplex
  • V.35 handshaking; DTR/DSR, RTS/CTS or Auto
  • 2500V electrical isolation minimum
  • DTE/DCE switch selectable
  • Easy to configure
  • External DC power required
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