MUX/DeMUX Passive Chassis

WDM - MUX/DeMUX Passive Chassis
SML40-CH04 is a 1U 19-inch CWDM passive rack that features 4 cards capacity and supports SML-40-8181-L, 8+1 channels MUX/DEMUX cards. The 8+1 channels MUX/DEMUX card is a modular design for CWDM wavelengths including 1471nm, 1491nm, 1511nm, 1531nm, 1551nm, 1571nm, 1591nm, and 1611nm. The 1311nm CWDM channel is accessible separately. The MUX/DEMUX cards provide the primary wave division and combination functions for CWDM. Line side wave lengths require translation to client side equipment via a transponder card. The unique design makes the SML40-CH04 one of the compact CWDM solutions in the industry.
  • 4-Slot for MUX/DEMUX card
  • 1U, 19-inch Rack Mount
  • Passive model requires no power
  • Plug & Play Operation
  • Optical connectors: LC connectors, SMF 9/ 125um
  • Protocol transparent, no limitation
  • Utilizes industry standard ITU-T CWDM wavelengths
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