Ethernet over Bonded E1 NTU

Ethernet over Bonded E1 NTU
The FRM220A-iMux is an E1 inverse multiplexer capable of bundling 4E1/ 8E1/16E1 lines for cost-effective connection of 10/100Base-TX LANs over multiple E1 transports. The FRM220A- iMux transmits 7.93Mbps (iMUX4)/ 15.87Mbps(iMUX8)/ 31.74Mbps(iMUX16) Ethernet bridge channel (GFP-F encapsulated) over multiple E1 links. The FRM220A-iMux bridges the gap between E1 and E3, allowing bridges to operate at faster rates. It also provides high speed access to SDH/SONET backbones where the only access services available are E1 lines. The FRM220A-iMux supports E1 attenuation of up to 43 dB on twisted pair or coax cable. This provides an approximate operating range up to 2km (using 22AWG). The FRM220AiMUX fully comply the E1 specifications including ITU-T G.703 and G.823. The FRM220A-iMux features diagnostic capabilities for performing remote loopback The operator at either end of the line may test both FRM220A-iMux NTU and the line in the digital loopback mode. The Ethernet copper interface supports auto-negotiation and auto MDI/MDIX, allowing plug-and-play Ethernet connection without any additional configuration.
  • The FRM220A - iMUX connects one Fast Ethernet over 1-4 E1 links (1.984Mbps to 7.93Mbps) for iMUX4, over 1- 8 E1 links (1.984Mbps to 15.87Mbps) for iMUX8, over 1- 16 E1 links (1.984Mbps to 31.74Mbps) for iMUX16
  • Built-in GFP bridge operates at WAN rate
  • Maximum 220ms delay variance between E1 link
  • Unbalanced E1/BNC or balanced E1/RJ45
  • Fully compatible with FRM220A chassis
  • SNMP management with FRM220A chassis
  • LED Alarm indication & Auto-Negotiation
  • Standalone RS232 console management via CH01M for iMUX4/iMUX8, CH02M for iMUX16
  • Support MTU 1916 bytes
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