Gigabit Ethernet Aggregate Switch Card

Chassis - Gigabit Ethernet Aggregate Switch Card
The FRM220A incorporates a 24+4 Gigabit Ethernet Switch. Twenty ports supply each slot of the 2U 20-slot chassis with an electrical gigabit Ethernet uplink with the remaining four electrical gigabit ports accessible via the rear of the chassis. The additional four ports are provided by SFP sockets. All eight Gigabit ports (4+4) are usable without restrictions for uplink aggregate to the Ethernet Metropolitan Area Network (E-MAN). The FRM220A-GSW/SNMP card transmits Ethernet between the subscriber equipment (bridge/ modem or network interface card) and the E-MAN. The card provides a user-networking interface with Ethernet packets. This card is capable of providing high bandwidth for assembling Ethernet traffic. The FRM220AGSW/ SNMP card is not only the system aggregate/trunk module, but also the system's control module, providing OAM Management functions.
  • Provides chassis aggregation via 4x1000Base-X SFP uplink slots (FRM220A-GSW/SNMP)
  • Fiber optical ports supports ring or chain topology
  • Built-in gigabit Ethernet interface to link with each slot of FRM220A chassis
  • Provides Web, Telnet, SNMP management interface
  • Supports IEEE802.1D/802.1w/802.1s for ring protection on the trunk interfaces
  • Supports IEEE 802.1Q tagged VLAN and IEEE 802.1ad Q-in-Q application
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