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September 2016
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Fiber Optical Protection Switch

FRM220-OPS51 & FRM220-OPS52

FRM220-OPS Series are able to provide fiber path redundancy on a channel by channel basis. These units are particularly well suited for protection in any type of fiber data transmission. This solution includes monitoring capabilities for both the working and protected path fibers. In case of a fiber cut in the active path, traffic will be switched over to the protected path in less than 50ms (FRM220-OPS51) or 20ms (FRM220-OPS52)......more

Product Focus  

CPE Switch


8x GbE, RJ45 + 2x Dual Rate SFP L2+ Managed Switchr

CPE Switch


5x GbE, RJ45 + 1x Dual Rate SFP L2+ Managed Switch


In this application, GSW-2008MS/ GSW-1005MS are managed GbE CPE switches positioned as a layer 2 managed switch solution for high speed connectivity with popular traffic priority and management capabilities for small and medium businesses. More and more corporations are adapting new IT technologies over the network such as voice over IP, video conference to improve productivity and save operation expenditure. Both of the switches also support features such as VLAN, QoS, IGMP for multicast applications and network management to fulfill SMB requirements.

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Metro Ethernet & NID Switch

L2+ Ethernet Switch


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Telecom Ethernet Product

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12 September, 2016
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